•  IGF is not a single man in a single country.

  •  IGF doesn't produce all kind of bands.

  •  IGF doesn't stock articles. It may takes a while to restock requested items.

  •  IGF doesn't sell items at a higher price and blame who does.

  •  IGF sell just items you find in our store. Do not request others.

  •  IGF doesn't make preorders or reservations.

  •  IGF doesn't sell to everyone.

  •  Wholesale is not possible for all titles. It's not available immediately after title is released and it's not   possible   for one copy.

  •  IGF may have rarities or used items always at a fair price.

  •  IGF always reply to emails. Always does not mean immediately.

  •  Shipping cost are calculated only when order is complete.